Functional and Regenerative Medicine for Chronic PainMany of us suffer some form of pain and discomfort and though medication can help alleviate the symptoms, sometimes that isn’t enough. This is especially true for patients who struggle with chronic pain. While treatment options such as prescription medicine, surgeries, or other forms of medical treatment can help, it can be overwhelming to find a treatment that is best suited for your specific symptoms and goals. Luckily, there are many forms of medicine aside from the traditional treatment with which you may be familiar and receive at a clinic or doctor’s office. Here at Innovative Care Medicine, we specialize in providing functional and regenerative medicine to our patients. If you have not had success with finding relief from your pain using traditional methods, we may be able to provide an alternative treatment to help you find relief.

What is functional medicine?

Functional medicine is a form of holistic medicine, or a whole-body approach, that asks how and why illness and pain occurs and restores patient health by addressing the root cause of disease and underlying conditions for each individual. It is an individualized and patient-centered treatment approach that addresses the underlying causes of both your symptoms and disease using a system-oriented approach.

One of the unique principles of functional medicine is that it acknowledges that each symptom and diagnosis may be one of many contributing to an individual illness. What does that mean? That means that one condition may have many causes and that one cause may be the result of different conditions. Functional medicine then works to address each cause and symptom to restore total health, relief, and optimal wellbeing to the patient.

Functional medicine differs from the traditional disease-centered focus of medicine to a more patient-centered approach. Practitioners of functional medicine spend a great deal of time getting to know their patients and understanding their condition to provide better treatment. They listen to patient history, look at the interactions between genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors that can contribute to the condition of the patient such as disease. The treatment is then customized uniquely to that person. It is a form of healthcare that takes into account the individual patient’s preferences, needs, values, and ensures that the patient guides all clinical decisions.

What is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine refers to the process of regenerating human cells and tissues in order to restore functionality. This field of medicine is specifically helpful for those patients with chronic pain associated with damaged tissues and organs, as the process works to replace those damaged cells and tissues with healthy ones, stimulating your body’s natural healing process and providing you relief. 

In conjunction with our functional medicine approach, many patients find this technique of treatment most preferable and effective in treating their chronic pain. Our goal is to work with you to find the root cause of your symptoms and not to just provide you with temporary relief, but to deliver a healthcare experience that focuses on you as an individual to reach your optimal level of health and relief. If you feel as though you are at a loss with traditional medicine methods and wonder if our alternative approach is right for you, please contact our office today for more information or to schedule a consultation.

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